Inclusive Employment Support


Recruitment doesn't have to be a dirty word.

After all, finding your dream job, or your perfect candidate shouldn’t be complicated, and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

At AAI, our work is based on relationships, collaboration and the goal of establishing equality of opportunity in the UK workforce.

We support Private, Public and Third Sector businesses to access graduate and returner talent of all ages, skillsets and backgrounds. 

With a highly respected name after almost 10 years, our team offer tried, tested and flexible inclusive recruitment services from ad hoc, short-term projects, including internships and maternity leave, to permanent positions.

Although Adopt an Intern was initially known for graduate internships, we now also support any role, any length up to around £35k.


Diversity and Inclusion Workshops


As an award-winning, not-for-profit company with social mobility and inclusion at our core, the team offers its much-lauded, tailored Diversity and Inclusion workshops, targeted around your challenges.    


Social Impact/CSR projects


These projects improve the attraction and retention of staff, as well as providing tangible and reportable social and financial impact all whilst supporting the voluntary sector.

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Latest News - Support for hiring temporary and remote during COVID-19.

We’re effective, and we’re much loved for it.

At Trtl we pride ourselves on finding the right people and building a team around a really specific and clear set of values, mission statements, morals and goals.

Through that, we’ve created a very good relationship with AAI and have recruited about 7 people with them.

The people you work with are genuinely your biggest asset, and anything that can make that process easier and as seamless as possible is so valuable.

Michael Corrigan, Trtl




Who we work with


Startups and Micros




Large Enterprises


Public and Third Sector


"AAI is invaluable. For a small business not to have to spend valuable time on a selection process, while having the security that candidates offered will be good quality, is a life saver." 

Catherine Hokin, Co-Founder & Director, ecoConnect CIC

  • Affordable advertising, shortlisting and phone screening
  • Highly-skilled graduates to work on your project needs
  • Employment support, including advice on holiday pay and NI contributions
  • An entirely personal service with a dedicated Advisor to talk to 





We provide a seamless, simple service that allows you an affordable way to bring fresh talent into your business on a temporary or permanent basis. We are both flexible and personal and everything we do is tailored to the specific needs of your business, allowing you to quickly fill a project need in your organisation. We will advertise, shortlist and phone screen all candidates saving you time and money every single time.

"An excellent initiative, providing graduates with essential skills and experience whilst providing valuable support and expertise to the business. I would encourage every business in the UK to adopt an intern" (Vince McKeown, Scottish Council for Development and Industry)

  • Low-cost advertising, shortlisting and phone screening
  • Low-risk solution for employing temporary or permanent staff
  • Highly-skilled graduate talent to work on your project needs
  • Easy, fast and hassle-free option 


If you need skilled staff for a short-term project or to fill employment gaps in your organisation, AAI can provide highly motivated, talented and work-ready individuals any week of the year. Our paperless service is designed to save you time and money while promoting your opportunity to the widest possible audience.

"It's been great to work with AAI over the last few years, I've been impressed by their smooth service and their ability to reach talented graduates, some of whom are now working with us on a longer term basis." (Carolyn Sawers, Big Lottery Fund)

  • Widen and enhance your company's talent pool 
  • Low-cost advertising, shortlisting and phone screening
  • Flexible, temporary staff to complete urgent and overdue projects
  • A perfect solution to fill employment gaps including maternity leave and sabbaticals
  • Fresh knowledge and skills into your organisation.

With contacts in universities across the UK, we can help you widen your talent pool and reach the best person for the job. We’ll help you save on employee time and admin costs when recruiting for new staff, whether for a short-term project or to fill employment gaps such as sabbaticals or maternity leave. We can also help the businesses you support with affordable prices.

We offer a transparent service which is unique in its simplicity and speed. 

"We have run a highly successful internship programme since March 2011. We currently have AAI candidates in various positions throughout the Council and with our third sector partners, almost all of whom have been recruited through AAI." (Sandra Inrig, Senior Economic Development Officer, East Renfrewshire Council)

  • Easy engagement with university graduates from across the UK
  • Low-cost advertising, shortlisting and phone screening
  • Solution to fill employment gaps such as maternity leave or sabbaticals
  • Partnering together to achieve economic development in your area