Abigail Hughes

Global Diageo Business Services (GDBS) Intern at Diageo



University – University of Glasgow

Qualification – MA Joint Honours Digital Media and Information Studies and Business Management

Job hunting experience – I felt the most pressure searching for an internship or graduate career during my final year at university. I had no intention to settle, but equally I didn’t want to be left with nothing, especially after 4 years of studying for my degree.

With this in mind, I kept my momentum and searched daily for positions, applying to everything and anything, which resulted in me securing a full time internship [not via AAI] with SecuriGroup after I finished my degree in June 2016 for 3 months. I think it’s important to highlight I kept my part time job during this period and worked 60 hour weeks (minimum) for 3 months because I knew this wasn’t permanent!

This was a tough time, but I believe that hard work pays off and I luckily applied to a second internship with Diageo (when my previous internship ended) within the direct field of work I enjoy – information services. My current role lasts a year and I’m already learning so much on the job.

Role and Responsibilities – As I continue to progress into my role I’m gaining more and more responsibilities. I focus on IS Performance Management which assists the GDBS team to measure and drive performance in IT service and project delivery. I also run weekly reports which reflect the IS Service Delivery operations across Scotland and are presented by the GDBS ISC Supply Directory in several meetings. As my degree was really quite information based, I enjoy understanding the scope of Diageo’s operations and getting involved within these tasks.

Importantly, my role also involves strengthening communications within GDBS so I create a monthly online newsletter which is sent to all employees in the International Supply Chain centre. I’m also focusing on Cyber Security and assisting when I can in the team to make sure all policies, standards and guidelines are communicated and adhered to.

Working for Diageo is genuinely incredible; the support I’ve received is unparalleled with any other company I’ve worked for and I feel valued. I would recommend this company to any other potential interns or grads! I even hope myself to progress into the Supply Chain graduate scheme after my internship as I’m enjoying my experience with the company so far.

Abigail Hughes
Global Diageo Business Services Intern with Diageo
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