About Us

Frog Systems was born from the realisation that by sharing our individual stories we can help each other to live better, more inclusive lives.

We believe every voice has the right to be heard. We work with our clients to amplify those voices and help to break down stigma surrounding mental health, share positive wellbeing messages and guide future wellbeing strategy.

Our Mission

We are here to help you create a platform where employees and communities have the confidence to speak out – to learn from and support each other.

We search out interviewees from all walks of life and from within our clients’ organisations to share honest stories and relevant content focused on three areas: Mental Wellbeing, Social Wellbeing and Corporate Wellbeing.

Our passionate team works with you to empower your users in their work, in society and in their personal relationships.

Our Values

To ensure that everyone has the access to content that supports them in their daily lives and makes them feel included.

Support one another

Our aim is to provide hope and support – for the people who share their experiences, the people our clients for, and the people who work for us.

Act with integrity  

We seek out and share human stories with compassion and honesty. Our clients trust us to build platforms affirming the message that difficult challenges can be overcome.

Constantly adapt

Life doesn’t stand still and neither do we. We are open-minded and constantly question ourselves to ensure that what we are doing always leads to positive results.

Make a difference

We aim to make an impact in everything we do, always seeking to improve outcomes through our choices and actions and build empathy in a less tolerant world.

Inspire confidence

Through our work, our focus and purpose, we encourage people to believe in themselves.

Encourage action

By sharing inspiring stories, we encourage people to have the self-belief to take positive action.

Our Name

Why Frog Systems? Because in many cultures the frog represents a powerful spiritual guide and is considered a symbol of cleansing, renewal, transition, and regeneration.    

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