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Ever wanted to help turn someone’s life around?

The graduate job market is a tough place. According to a Citizens Advice Bureau report 56.3% of recent graduates are unemployed for a period after graduating. For those who find a job, 24.8% end up ‘under-employed’, in low-paid or short-term positions that do not require a degree. Morale amongst under- and unemployed graduates is low - only 15.2% said they were confident of finding a graduate-level job in the future.

AAI are working to change this.

AAI’s mentoring programme pairs struggling, unemployed graduates with professional mentors for a period of 3 months. The purpose is to give graduates a role model that they can talk to, ask questions to and bounce ideas off. Ultimately, we hope that this interaction will help to boost our graduates’ confidence and help them with their job hunt.

What will being an AAI mentor involve?

AAI mentors will help struggling graduates to think about their future, recognise life choices and consider how they can realistically get to where they want to go. As a mentor you would talk to your mentee about subjects such as:
  1. General employability issues - e.g. how to improve cover letters and CVs, interview techniques and using networking to find employment
  2. Sector-specific discussions - for graduates who know what they want to do but are struggling to find opportunities, so conversations based on life experience and areas of professional interest.
Topics may vary from financial services, to social care to advertising. Our graduates are interested in a wide variety of jobs and sectors.
Nb. We do not expect mentors to know about specific training/postgraduate courses.

How much time will I need to allocate to being a mentor?

Our graduates are all quite independent so being a mentor shouldn't be a big time commitment - we would anticipate 2 hours per month (4 hours would be the maximum). Contact could be via telephone/Skype, over a coffee or by the odd email - whatever suits you and your mentee best.

How will I be matched?

AAI will ask potential mentors to fill out a short form outlining their professional and personal interests. This will then be matched to the needs of individual graduates. Mentors are welcome to be involved in the matching should they wish.
From a graduate perspective, mentees will be picked via an application process. We will ask graduates to send us their CV and an outline of their job-hunting history to date.  We'll also ask for a personal statement outlining why they think they would benefit from a mentor. Mentors will be shown all of this information to ensure that they have a good level of background information on their mentee.

How can I become a mentor?

Simply fill out your details below and we'll be in touch. 

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