Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Lorenzo Conti – Crover Ltd

Name: Lorenzo Conti

Name of Company: Crover Ltd

Position: Founder & Managing Director

“Other employers should absolutely consider working with AAI.”

Why did you need to enlist AAI’s services?

“As a high-growth startup, Crover has been built from the ground up, and we are constantly working on growing the talent in our team and improving the efficiency of our operations. AAI helped us recruit young people and fill in short-term gaps and also test them as potential long-term key members of the Crover team.”

“The new team members have all been invaluable in their contributions to Crover.”

What was the process of working with AAI like?

“The whole process was extremely straightforward and AAI was helpful and encouraging every step of the way.

The AAI team is really passionate about giving people valuable work experience. Other employers should absolutely consider hiring through AAI. They provided a great deal of support, both with helping to integrate new hires and providing employability training.”

What were the outcomes?

“The new team members have all been invaluable in their contributions to Crover. It allowed us to expand the technical team with new members that can provide extra support to our full-time engineers. In addition, Crover now has a dedicated web development team, and marketing team along with HR, legal and financial specialists.

The new hires have been a real asset for Crover and have helped the company grow, both in size and in expertise.”

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