Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Millar & Bryce take part in groundbreaking social impact initiative, Graduating Communities

There’s an emerging generation of talent and customers citing ‘social impact’ as a contributing factor when deciding which employers or companies to buy from. So, it’s more important than ever to support and partner with purpose-driven organisations on authentic and innovative CSR activities.

The days of bake sales or giving a bit of money to a charity with no tangible outcomes are just not cutting it with investors and boards.

CSR for the sake of it, as an afterthought or as a box-ticking exercise is seen as just that, and simply doesn’t resonate as authentic with this current generation of discerning customers and employees.

AAI EmployAbility’s innovative, national CSR project, Graduating Communities, is built on the increasing awareness and desire within the private sector, and Government, to deliver more visible, tangible, and transparent social value.

This is a case study of how AAI connected property and land-search business Millar & Bryce with the Social Bite Village for a Graduating Communities workplace secondment.

For Millar & Bryce, this was an opportunity to add a tactical element to its corporate responsibility strategy and build on previous social impact activities in Leith. The link with AAI provided a meaningful and tangible way to engage Millar & Bryce staff, provide education and select the right member of staff to participate.


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