Social Impact Plus. Pay It Forward

Social Impact Plus. Pay It Forward

Does your company seek to deliver visible, tangible, and measured social value through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity?

AAI EmployAbility’s innovative, national CSR project, Social Impact Plus, is built on the increasing awareness and desire within the private sector to deliver more visible, tangible, and transparent social value in their communities.

How does it work?

When choosing to recruit with the support of AAI, the partnering organisation can ‘pay forward’ a complimentary recruitment service for a local charity or social enterprise.

Paying it forward is a twist on the idea of paying someone back. Instead of simply returning favours for good deeds done for you, balancing an endless chequebook of goodwill, paying it forward means doing a good deed for someone you don’t owe anything to. 

What are the outcomes?

Choosing the organisation that benefits

Whether you have a group of charities or social enterprises that you already support, or have not-for-profit organisations in your supply chain, AAI can help consult and support these organisations with a professional recruitment service for their next hire. If your favoured organisation does not have an urgent need to hire, AAI will ‘suspend’ the offer, making it available to used when the organisation needs it.


AAI helps find a suitable organisation to support with the help of our social marketplace partners Social Good Connect. We’ll put the offer of this recruitment support out to relevant organisations and manage the interest.

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