Calum Frier

Marketing and PR Officer, Men's Health Forum Scotland

I was due to spend at least 3 months, working 20 hours a week, with the Men’s Health Forum Scotland (MHFS) as their PR and Marketing Officer helping to promote and publicise their 7th annual Men’s 10k at Bellahouston Park, Glasgow on Sunday 17th June 2012.

My time, however, was cut short after approximately 6 weeks as I was offered a full-time job at Stripe Communications in Edinburgh as a trainee account executive which is where I am now having started last week.

Although my time was short at MHFS it was undoubtedly a massively positive experience.

I had just completed a month long internship for the BIG Partnership when I applied for the position so it provided me with a massive confidence boost that I was able to secure employment so quickly after coming out of another role. It also looked really good on my CV that I was in employment whilst still looking for a more full-time and permanent position.

The job itself was also a major incentive. Most importantly, it was vital and useful Public Relations experience which would be useful for future interviews and applications – and as I mentioned my CV. I was able to build up contacts with the media, draft and distribute press releases, organise launch events and simply get into a working frame of mind which, I feel, takes more time than most people appreciate when you have just graduated from University.

I was also given a lot of responsibility and freedom to work on the project and implement my own thoughts and ideas. For example one of my ideas was to target football grounds and pubs in order to encourage more men to take part in the event. I therefore took it upon myself to attend some local football matches with flyers and do a poster drop round pubs in Glasgow.

The people at MHFS were also very supportive and encouraging and I have made sure to give a big thank you to Grace and Elaine for giving me the opportunity to gain some more work experience and being understanding when I told them I would be leaving early.

As much as I enjoyed my time at MHFS, the decision to leave wasn’t a difficult one. The role at MHFS was only temporary and it was part-time. Therefore when I was offered a job at the highly reputable Stripe Communications as a full-time employee, which would ensure I had enough money to move from home, it was a no-brainer.

The experience at MHFS, and the Adopt an Intern scheme, undoubtedly helped me in securing full-time employment. I am glad that I, and MHFS, took part in the scheme and I am grateful for the opportunity it provided me with. It is so useful for graduates to get some experience on their CV and schemes like Adopt an Intern are badly needed when so many talented graduates, and indeed many of my friends, are struggling to find full-time employment.

Calum Frier
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Marketing and PR Officer, Men's Health Forum Scotland


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