Calum Redford

Assistant Brewers' Intern, Windswept Brewing Co.

University - University of Strathclyde


Qualification - MEng Chemical Engineering

Job hunting experience - Before getting my internship, finding a suitable placement or job related to my studies was challenging given the competitive nature of the current job climate. Also given the demanding nature of my course, I found it challenging to complete various applications due to the great length of time required to complete them along with balancing the requirements of my course.

Roles and responsibilities - My role within the internship was to assist in the brewing of the companys' various beers. My responsibilities extended to preparing ingredients and equipment for brewing, monitoring the operating conditions for specific processes (given the temperature dependence of specific beers or ales) and also carrying out experiments to determine the sufficient quality of beer being produced. I was also given responsibility in assisting in the beer recipe development and trials along with the ‘racking’ of beer into kegs to then be distributed along with the labelling of bottles and products. I often had to sample the beers just to make sure they were all up to standard - good thing I took the bus to work each day! I also got an allowance of beer each month I was there so it was hard not to enjoy perks of the job! 

I was also given the opportunity to work at events such as North Hop where I was able to help promote the Windswept brand, interact with new people and, most importantly, sample some of the fine brews from around the country! 

Where are you now? - I am currently completing my final year of a Masters degree in chemical engineering at the University of Strathclyde with a look to progress into an engineering or project management graduate scheme beyond graduation. I hope to work in a company whereby I will be able to apply the knowledge I have gained from my course along with the skills that I have developed through my internship and importantly build upon this through continuing with my professional development.

Adopt An Intern has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a company and industry that would have otherwise been out with my reach or unknown to me had it not been for their internship schemes. Working within Windswept Brewing was a fantastic experience which allowed me to develop and hone my skill set, gain exposure to work related to my degree and to meet new people in new environments. This experience was made all the more enjoyable by the welcoming, friendly nature of the people both at Windswept and Adopt An Intern where their support allowed me to gain the most from the experience.


Calum Redford
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Assistant Brewers' Intern with Windswept Brewing Co.


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