Diversity Works: 6-week online support programme for black & ethnic minorities:

AAI announces the launch of 6-week online support programme for black and minority ethnic people in Scotland.



The COVID-19 pandemic has had an incredible impact on the job market and people’s personal finances. The added strain of lockdown, and the current discussions of racism and wider societal change has put a huge strain on home life and people’s mindsets.

The current conversations of inclusion and equality fueled by the #BlackLivesMatter movement have further exposed the challenges experienced by people from differing minority ethnic backgrounds. We know that the daily concerns of a UK-born black man will differ radically to those of a Pakistani woman living in the UK, highlighting the problematic grouping of the BAME banner.


In response to these factors, we have designed a 6-week virtual support programme as part of our ‘Diversity Works’ project. The focus of AAI’s programme is on individual empowerment and is designed to provide people with the tools to improve their personal and professional circumstances.

The initiative is open to minority ethnic men and women from all walks of life to access tailored support in employment, finance and managing life at home, with resources delivered through online events and one-to-one coaching.

This first interactive session will be held via Zoom and will feature an introduction to the Diversity Works team, an explanation of what the programme can do for you, and a chance to discuss your current concerns about the job market, your employment prospects, money and life in general.


Benefits of joining the programme:

  • Get tailored support for your current concerns
  • Meet like-minded people in a supportive community
  • Gain a sense of balance and control
  • Learn new skills
  • Boost your employability
  • Access upskilling opportunities
  • Understand the new job market
  • Build a healthier mindset


The programme will run throughout the rest of June, finishing 31 July with a specific focus on your individual needs through live and recorded sessions as well as one-to-one support.

We've put together a list of FAQs to help you understand the programme a bit more.

Tickets: Zoom event links will be sent in the days leading up to each event. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Contact team@aai-employability.org.uk with any questions you may have.

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