Research Interns

November 2014

We have hired 3 interns through Adopt an Intern. All were for specific items of work where we wanted new ideas, to do work that needed additional staff time and which we knew could contribute to the organisation's effectiveness. All three achieved the aims, and more.

Adopt an Intern provided an excellent service to support us in finding the right interns. They not only ensure the right candidates hear about the post but they also shortlist very effectively. The candidates were all high quality and we were able to achieve our projects effectively and efficiently.

The three interns we have employed from Adopt an Intern have all achieved the project, and added extra value as well by providing different perspectives of our organisation. They all influenced the way we work and made very positive contributions to our organisation. And we enjoyed having them here!

David Griffths
Adopt an Intern Employer
CEO, Ecas