Our first contact with Scottish supermodel Eunice Olumide was as the keynote speaker for the Adopt an Intern Back to Work Project, supporting minority ethnic women returning to work after a career break.

Eunice built a rapport with the assembled women very quickly and used that connection to deliver appropriate messages around goal-setting, personal responsibility and how to achieve success that were in perfect synergy with the aims of our project.

Using her own experiences as a backdrop to illustrate these points, she struck a balance between her hard graft and the glamour of parts of her career. It made for fascinating listening. 

Rather than turning up, speaking and leaving, which many headline speakers do, Eunice stayed until the last ladies had left, talking patiently and passionately with the many who wanted to seek her advice and opinion. Many confirmed how inspired they had been by Eunice's personal story and her attitude to challenge. 

Professional, personable and engaging, Eunice delivered exactly what we had hoped for. Her association with the project greatly elevated the visibility of AAI in the national press and to her impressive social media following.

We were so delighted with the input that we invited her to become Patron of AAI.  Eunice accepted and we look forward to making an even bigger impact with her by our side.

Since accepting this position, we have continued to be impressed with Eunice’s dedication to supporting purpose-driven ventures across the UK.

We look forward to bringing her credibility, celebrity and enthusiasm for equality to upcoming projects around social mobility, philanthropy and socially-aware entrepreneurship.



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