How to tailor your application for a role

Tailoring your CV and cover letter to meet the job description is essential. It shows the recruiter that you’ve carefully read the description and you’ve put effort into explaining to them why you are a good fit for the role.

1. Read the job description carefully and make sure you understand it: It may seem obvious but understanding the job requirements is the first and most important step that many people overlook. Tick off the requirements one by one

2. Do some research: get yourself familiar with your future employer; who are they, what are their company ethics, what is their motivation. Understanding them will help you highlight your most relevant qualities, when writing your cover letter.

3. The introduction at the start of your CV can have a big impact on your application. In a couple of sentences outline who you are and then explain very briefly why you are the perfect fit for this specific position. It is often the first thing the recruiter will see and first impressions are always crucial!

4. Relevant experience: Providing evidence of relevant experience (which could be work experience, volunteering or even a university project) reassures the people involved in the recruiting process that you will be able to meet their expectations. Remember to include any positive outcomes that came from these experiences, for example, where an idea that you contributed was put into practice by an organisation, or you increased sales or social media engagement.

5. Cover letter or Personal Statement: Read carefully the requirements and then break it down. Use the keywords (qualifications, responsibilities, experience) in order to write a cover letter specifically tailored for the role you are applying to.

6. Make sure the reasons you are applying are clear: It is always useful to have another person read your application; if they cannot figure out the reasons for which you want this job maybe you didn’t state them clearly enough.