Our CEO Joy Lewis recently appeared on Vicky Brock’s Entrepreneur Agony Aunt Podcast to talk about the importance of inclusive employment in growing companies.

Building successful teams, and attracting, rewarding and retaining talent is the most requested topic on the podcast – even more so than funding – and in this episode Vicky explores hiring interns and your first junior staff.

AAI has just placed their 1500th candidate into paid work and in Scotland is the go-to choice for startups making their first hires. Supporting startups and socially-driven organisations to find the right candidates is in their DNA.

Vicky uses AAI for her junior hires and can’t recommend them and the talent they have helped find highly enough. 

Find out more about the podcast HERE

Topics discussed:

– How to think about and prepare for your first hires
– What a good brief of candidate requirements looks like
– Why pay matters and what fair looks like in a cash strapped startup
– What does diversity and equality of opportunity mean, how do you create it, and why does diversity matter so much in a startup?
– Interviewing inexperienced staff, when you’re not necessarily that experienced yourself
– What next once you’ve found your intern/hire if you’ve never managed people before
– Tips to help more experienced founders build productive teams

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