Adopt an Intern, the social business that advertises graduate jobs and paid internships across Scotland and the UK, has placed over 1000 graduates into jobs over the last 5 years, from entrepreneurs hiring their first employee to the likes of Diageo, Abellio and Scottish Government.

According to their new figures, over a third of applications come from graduates with degree-less parents.

Out of 10,461 applicant responses for graduate positions that it has received in the last 12 months, 3,760 graduates stated that neither of their parents had a degree with an additional 1,384 graduates choosing not to say. 2,517 respondents had at least one parent with a degree with about a quarter (2,860) stating that both their parents had graduated.

On average there have been 35 applicants for every position advertised by Adopt an Intern, with popular vacancies attracting as many as 200. The company sift through all of these applications then construct a shortlist to seek the best match for the employer.

Joy Lewis, Chief Executive of Adopt an Intern, said:

“Young people are the lifeblood of our future economy. We all have a responsibility to enable them to fulfil their potential during their initial employment steps. Our survey shows that parents have been major drivers to further education and enhancing their children’s employment prospects.

We have an incredible talent pool to work with – our parents and educational establishments have clearly done their bit. Scotland’s employers can access a very encouraged and driven pool of talent and we have powerful evidence, from businesses in all sectors, that graduate candidates are high quality, very keen, and fit well into existing teams.

Adopt an Intern has demonstrated exceptional social impact with three-quarters of graduates finding permanent employment within 3 months of an internship. Adopt an Intern is a not-for-profit company with an economic impact estimated in excess of £30 million.

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