Eunice Olumide has a portfolio of businesses involved in, among others, art, publishing and film. Adopt an Intern has announced the appointment of Scots Supermodel Eunice Olumide as patron. The move comes in the wake of Scottish Government- supported conferences, in Glasgow and Edinburgh, targeting return to work opportunities for black, minority and ethnic women, where Olumide has been a keynote speaker

Olumide, recognised in the honours list with an MBE earlier this year, has a portfolio of businesses involved in art, publishing, film, television and her own clothing and accessories range using materials sourced from poor parts of Africa and India.

Her role as Patron will involve her in support of further Adopt An Intern initiatives as well as helping the organisation continue to reach outside its Scottish roots.

Joy Lewis, boss of Adopt An Intern, said: “Eunice has been truly inspirational in her keynote addresses at our recent conferences. Her drive and passion has shone through.”

Originally published in The Scotsman, 9 November 2017.