Inclusive Recruitment Employer Training - Edinburgh

For Scottish Enterprise account managed businesses. 19 March

Each step of the recruitment process gives us an opportunity to invite and welcome qualified applicants from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Scottish Enterprise and AAI EmployAbility host this half-day session aimed at supporting businesses to examine their recruitment practices. This is in the context of the growing need to attract talented people from all kinds of backgrounds, so as not to miss out on potential untapped resources for the workforce.

Well thought-out and executed recruitment practices can support businesses to reflect the growing diversity of their customer base, as well as ensure that they benefit from a broad range of experience that can underpin their service and product design.

On the other hand, recruitment carried out in "the way we've always done it" often generates candidates who are the same as we have always had. Who will likely have had very similar experiences and therefore generate a limited range of new ideas.

Businesses that really embrace diversity aim to bring together talented individuals from disparate backgrounds, fostering creativity and innovation as these individuals bring their individuality to bear on shared goals.

This can result in higher profits, lower staff turnover and a greater reach to different customer groups.

Recruitment practice therefore needs to encourage diversity rather than hinder it: this short workshop will look at the various stages of the attraction and securing of new staff with a view to making this happen.

If you're a Scottish Enterprise portfolio business looking for ways to widen your talent streams, then sign up and join us to examine how you might do so.

Scottish Enterprise Apex House
99 Haymarket Terrace
Thu, 19 March 2020
13:00 – 17:00 

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