Customer Service & Digital Educator role with OneBanks – Kilwinning

Location: Kilwinning, Ayrshire
£23,000 pro-rata
Full-time or Part-time, Permanent
Start date: April/May 2020
Closing date: 10 March 2021, 12 noon

About the Company

“If there’s one thing the last 12 months has taught us, it’s that we need people.

Somehow, there is an assumption that everyone is up to speed with technology. But many of us are actually still trying to figure it out, and sometimes feel left behind.

It’s okay to ask questions about how to do things. And ask in person. Not over the phone with a voice from the other side of the world. Or a chatbot.

We believe it’s better to get help in person, with a person, so we can understand what someone really needs.

So we want to do something really radical to banking…

Bring people back. Not just any people: people who are welcoming, interested in you, reassuring and helpful. All the traits that make the day go better for everyone.

We’re going to partner with all the banks that don’t have locations everywhere they would like to. So that local people get access to their bank account with OneBanks regardless of who they bank with.

OneBanks is a free, accessible service aiming to support small businesses and individual customers of all ages to show that technology can make lives simpler.”

Read more about OneBanks here.



The Role

OneBanks is currently looking for an enthusiastic and caring team of people to fill customer service posts primarily focused on digital coaching. These will be motivated by a desire to make life better for customers by being welcoming, interested, reassuring and helpful. 

It’s a role that starts with the needs of the individual customer: if technology can improve and simplify their banking, then you will help facilitate that. If tech isn’t the answer then the customer will be supported in the most appropriate way.

Structured, in-depth training and induction will be provided to get you started on delivering the service.

In this role, your main responsibilities will be:

  • Helping transition people to online banking
  • Implementing end of day cash reconciliations
  • Helping customers sign up to OneBanks
  • Educating people about Open Banking
  • Helping to process payments, transfer money between accounts
  • Handling cash deposits and cash withdrawals
  • Helping customers have their complaints heard and dealt with
  • Educating people about new banking technologies
  • Helping people to transition to online banking



OneBanks want colleagues to be of all ages, backgrounds and talents because they believe that this is the best way to provide a helpful service that matches the make-up of local communities. 

The ideal person for this role will be people-focussed, friendly and down-to-earth, to support OneBanks’ aim to create a sense of community within Kilwinning, Ayrshire. To achieve this, you will ideally be located within Kilwinning or the surrounding area and be familiar with the local community.

You may apply for this role whatever your age, academic background or working experience.  

The following traits are relevant to the role:

  • People-focussed, friendly and down-to-earth
  • Confident handling cash and other monetary transactions
  • Comfort with, and active enjoyment of, interacting with people from all backgrounds
  • Ability to describe the technology in an easy and simple way to others
  • Understanding of the importance of making everyone feel welcome and putting people’s needs first – never judging anyone based on their background, language, status, financial means, physicality or ability

If these words describe you, you would be a natural working at OneBanks and they would love to hear from you:

Welcoming – Interested – Reassuring – Helpful.

Read more about what these words really mean to OneBanks here

If you have any questions about this role or the organisation please contact team@aai-employability.org.uk. Please do not under any circumstances contact the employer directly as doing so may negatively impact your employment opportunity.



Closing date for applications is 10 March 2021, 12 noon.

Please submit a CV and tailored Cover Letter through the AAI Employability online application form on our website. Examples of what we expect in an application can be found HERE

All applications must be submitted by 12 noon on the closing date. State A) your availability and B) relevant experience and demonstrate how your skills match the specific requirements of the job description.

We do NOT accept email applications unless otherwise stated.

Successful candidates must, by the start of the employment, have permission to work in the UK.


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