The UK Government’s Kickstart Scheme was introduced to create new job placements for 16 to 24-year olds on Universal Credit who are at risk of long-term unemployment. By creating a Kickstart job placement, you are providing these young people with work skills support so they are in a better position to find future employment.

The Government is providing £1500 per job placement on start of employment to be used for things such as set-up costs, support, and relevant employability training for the participant. The employability support that you will be providing must be detailed in the Vacancy Form we will be sending you, and if you are planning to use AAI’s training services, this must also be identified.

For your info, following are the training services we are offering for Kickstart placements.


Tier 1 – Transferable Workplace Skills Training

AAI will supplement this experience by providing a blended learning package for your Kickstart employee consisting of personal contact, online tutorials, worksheets, and interactive content. Recognition of achievement is a key motivational factor for people to engage with the learning process. Therefore, certificates of completion or attendance (as appropriate) will be issued to participants.

We understand that employers’ main focus will be for the Kickstart employee to be delivering in the role they have been taken on to do, so we envisage that working through this training will take a couple of days in total over the six-month period. The learning will be modular, easily accessed remotely, and require no employer input.



Tier 2 – Specific Training Courses


Once in post, all employees begin to recognise their strengths and the areas of work in which they need to become stronger. Specifically targeted training interventions have always been a practical way to improve the performance and job satisfaction of employees, and the Kickstart scheme aims to build this into the early working experience of the young people engaged in this project.


AAI will therefore make available the following modular, certified, and in some cases, accredited learning that can be acquired on a pick ‘n’ mix basis. These consist of online workbooks and courses that learners can access through an individual account, remotely from wherever they can get online. When they have completed the assigned course(s) a certificate acknowledging this will be issued.

Tier 3 – Individual Career Coach Consultation/CV building session

At AAI, we have reviewed hundreds of thousands of CVs over the years and have the knowledge and ability to support individuals to understand the process of building a document that represents the individual well whilst meeting the requirements of employers viewing it.

This opportunity for an individual online consultation with one of our experienced career coaches will give your employee the chance to get this vital aspect of employability right from this early stage of their career. It consists of an online, hour-long session following receipt of the person’s existing CV, which we understand may be very basic at this point. Advice will be given on skills description and presentation of the individual so that future potential employers can see how the person might meet their needs.

The Complete Package


Our most popular option, The Complete Package, provides the most comprehensive support to ensure your Kickstart employee derives maximum benefit from their employment, includes all three tiers outlined above.

Any questions about wrap-around training for the Kickstart Scheme not answered above can be directed to

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