Welcome to your Transferable Workplace Skills Training from AAI EmployAbility. Your Kickstart Scheme employer has nominated you to benefit from these resources to empower you for success not just in the role you currently have, but to support you to make the most of future career opportunities.

AAI team members Nick Murray and Jane Sloan will guide you through each training video, covering key elements of employment success and workplace competency. Each video is accompanied by a worksheet for you to demonstrate your understanding, identify your key strengths and support the development of skills and resources for future success as your career develops.

Topics covered in this training:

● Transferable workplace knowledge skills and behaviours

● CV writing 

● Presentation of skills through cover letters, digital presence and on the phone 

● Interview preparation and execution

Upon completion of the below training course, you will be awarded a certificate from AAI EmployAbility.

Any questions about this training can be directed to…..

Transferable Workplace Competencies Part 1

Transferable Workplace Competencies Part 2

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