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When it comes to interns, you get what you pay for

Joy Lewis wrote the following piece in February '18 for the Scottish Business Network about the multiple dangers of unpaid internships, on both sides of the hiring desk.

The original interview can be found here.


Interview with Maddy Halliday, CEO of the Life Changes Trust

We spoke to Maddy Halliday, CEO of the Life Changes Trust, about employing 18 interns through Adopt an Intern, and how that has affected the organisation’s growth.



Redefining the Intern – The New Age of Opportunity

What is the number one thing a newly qualified graduate wants when leaving university?


AAI CEO Joy Lewis on IPPR's Inbetweeners - Now for the positive spin

This week the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) issued a paper entitled, ‘The inbetweeners: The new role of internships in the graduate labour market’, critiquing the culture of internships in the UK, and downplaying the tangible routes to quality, graduate-level employment that such opportunities offer.

Firstly, I’m thrilled that this paper has raised the topic of internships, although as the CEO of AAI (Adopt an Intern), a company which has facilitated over 1340 paid internships since 2010, there are certain concerns raised that I feel I have a responsibility to wade in on.


Adopt an Intern survey highlights student fears over EU exit

95% of graduates think that job prospects will be adversely affected by the recent UK electorate vote to leave the European Union. 


June 2016 News Digest

Our news for June!


Scottish EDGE Awards Round 8

Adopt an Intern is a proud supporter of the Scottish EDGE fund, actively providing support packages to all the winners.


April 2016 News Digest

We’ve had an exciting start to 2016!

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International Women's Day 2016

Adopt an Intern celebrates International Women's Day 2016!


Joy Lewis joins the ASB Women of Inspiration Honours Lists 2016

On International Women’s Day 2016 Adopt an Intern CEO Joy Lewis became one of 10 women across Scotland to be recognised as a “Woman of Inspiration” in the Association of Scottish Businesswomen’s 2016 Honours.
The Honours give recognition to women who are inspirational role models and to celebrate all that they do for others in the business world in Scotland.

Joy’s nomination included the following statement: “Joy is... READ MORE