Maddy Halliday

Life Changes Trust

The Life Changes Trust has been working with Adopt an Intern since August 2013 to help the Trust recruit interns to support a variety of key roles.

Support from Adopt anĀ Intern:

The Trust provides a job description and person specification to Adopt and Intern who then take care of advertising and shortlisting applicants. The Trust is then provided with a short list of 3-4 candidates by Adopt an Intern. We have found that all shortlisted candidates have been of a very high quality with most appointable. We have also found the communication and support from Adopt an Intern excellent.

Trust experience:

Of the 7 interns recruited by the Trust through Adopt and Intern between August 2013 to June 2014, all have been outstanding, providing a range of valuable support to the Trust in a variety of roles including administration; knowledge management; programme support.

Intern Experience and outcomes:

all interns employed by the Trust are appointed to a six month internship with the option to extend to 12 months. All interns receive the living wage and appropriate induction and supervision by the Trust.

The calibre of the interns recruited through Adopt an Intern is demonstrated by intern outcomes to date:

  • Two have been given permanent positions with the Trust; one has a combined role of PA to CEO and HR assistant; the other Finance and Operations Officer
  • Two have secured jobs elsewhere
  • One has secured a funded PhD opportunity.

We think these are fantastic outcomes for the interns and demonstrate the value of the scheme.

The Trust would recommend Adopt an Intern scheme to any employer in Scotland.

Maddy Halliday
Adopt an Intern Employer
CEO, Life Changes Trust


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