Melanie Muir Jewellery

Website Designer and Builder Intern

December 2014

I cannot emphasise highly enough what an impact hiring an intern through Adopt an Intern has made to me. I am a solopreneur and while I am good at planning and business building, there is only so much one can do alone.

Hiring an intern enabled me to achieve and complete a major website redesign and relaunch, with a direct and quantifiable effect on sales and global profile. I was also able to 'tick off' many other tasks that had been on my 'to do' list for a while.

I feel able to face the coming year with renewed enthusiasm and vigour and indeed am planning to build in funding a continued working relationship with my intern - she has become an essential!

I also know that the experience of working with me has transformed and enhanced the future potential of my intern - she has recently landed a perfect job and tells me that it is in no small part due to the things she las learned and experienced over the last few months. We are both very happy with Adopt an Intern and I would encourage everyone to take a similar step forward.

Melanie Muir
Adopt an Intern Employer
Director, Melanie Muir Jewellery