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Adopt an Intern survey highlights student fears over EU exit

95% of graduates think that job prospects will be adversely affected by the recent UK electorate vote to leave the European Union. 

The survey, sourced from a sample of two-thirds British and one-third EU students, four-fifths of which have aspirations to work outside of the UK in their future careers, also indicates the vast majority do not think ‘Brexit’ will actually happen as laid out.

Joy Lewis, Chief Executive of Adopt an Intern, said:

“Graduates seeking jobs are in a strong position. From our ongoing experience fresh thought delivers results. Young people are not bound by the past and, importantly, adapt to change, even if it does not deliver on their current desires.

“We are already receiving enquiries from businesses who feel threatened by a ‘non-EU’ future and we welcome and understand that.

“Our young are emphatically the best adaptability remedy I know”.