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Experience isn’t everything: 6 reasons to hire a Graduate

It’s a question many employers ask when looking to hire new staff members: should we recruit a graduate or should we look for a more experienced candidate? While there is good reason, at times, to hire a more experienced candidate, experience isn’t everything.

1. Graduates can be shaped to fit your organisation.

Graduates fresh out of university are rarely stuck in their ways. Instead, they are open to new ideas, new ways of working and new experiences, meaning they can adapt and be moulded to fit well within your organisation and existing company culture.

2. Graduates are fast learners.

It’s not just their culture and working patterns you have the opportunity to shape. Most graduates are fast learners and much easier to train. Their freshness to the workplace means they aren’t easily put off by obstacles or challenges and are open to learning about new technologies or trying out new skills.

3. Graduates bring new ideas and a fresh perspective.

Graduates can bring something new to any organisation. They’re not stuck with the ‘we’ve always done it that way mentality’ but are open to problem-solving and developing new ideas.

4. Graduates bring enthusiasm.

Straight out of university, graduates bring a level of enthusiasm that is often dampened in those who have been in the industry for a number of years. They are excited, passionate and open to starting their career and will often go the extra mile, showing a determination to succeed at whatever you ask them to do!

5. Recruiting graduates brings digital skills to your business.

Most recent graduates have grown up in a digital world. From IT-skills to social media and the internet, young people have a strong advantage in this field, and can bring skills that otherwise might be lacking into your organisation.

6. Hiring graduates costs less.

It’s simply cost-efficient. If you’re on a budget, graduates cost less than their experienced counterparts. However, as they will grow quickly in skills and experience don’t forget to raise their wages if you want to keep a hold of them!

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