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Germany Interns: Meet and Greet

Emily Cook (at Euro London Appointments) and myself, (at Brunswick Group) are two interns currently taking part in the Adopt an Intern Germany-Scotland Exchange.

We recently met up for a Meet and Greet with three German interns working at the Home Office (Innenministerium) in Munich. The idea was initiated by Silke Schmidt (Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology) who recently met with Adopt an Intern’s CEO Joy Lewis.  The aim was for us to socialise and exchange our experiences and stories. 


After meeting everyone on Tuesday I can honestly say it was a brilliant idea.  The evening was fantastic with everyone exchanging a lot of experiences about university, work, internships as well as what living and working in Germany and the UK is like.  We were a really diverse, mixed group of people with different backgrounds and career aspirations and this led to great conversations.  We have all kept in touch and, because we all work in the same area, we have decided that meeting for lunch will now be on the agenda, too!  Thank you very much to Joy and Silke for connecting all of us!

Natasha Charlton
Intern at Brunswick Group, Germany 

[Images: Top: Natasha Charlton, Brunswick Group Intern Centre: Emily Cook, Euro London Intern and three German interns working at the Home Office in Munich]


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