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How to motivate your new hires to become the best employees

Simple ways to give your new hires a great start

1. The first day
Make sure that everything is well prepared for your employee’s first day at work. Having everything ready to go will make your new hire more relaxed and better concentrated on their first guidelines and tasks.

2. Communicate
It is important for the new addition to your team to feel comfortable when communicating and sharing ideas with the other members. Feeling an equal part of the team increases the levels of engagement, makes team-work more efficient, prevents misunderstandings and it is more likely that they will share their ideas and concerns in the future.

3. Explain your mission and goals
Having a predefined goal and a sense of purpose is important for new hires. This way they will have a clear understanding of their position in the process which will make them more motivated and engaged.

4. Don’t make them feel overwhelmed
New employees need some time in order to familiarise themselves with the new environment, the people and the processes. Set milestones and organise their training material in steps, so they will have steady progress.

5. Implement a rewards system
This is not only for your new hires but for all of your employees. Having a rewards system (e.g. goal achieving bonus) increases productivity and gives their work more meaning.

6. Have a steady schedule
Personal time is valuable for your employees and having consistent hours helps them with having some stability and structure during the week. Frequent long hours and an inconsistent time schedule may frustrate your employees and make them demotivated and less engaged.

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