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Redefining the Intern – The New Age of Opportunity

What is the number one thing a newly qualified graduate wants when leaving university?


Since I joined AAI my perception of this word has changed massively. ‘Opportunity’ is not only something you are given, it’s something you must take, nurture and run with to make your own.

The workplace has changed.

Entry-level jobs with minimal responsibility are old hat. They do not offer graduates a chance to prove their worth, to find themselves in a role and to make the most of their skills, ultimately leading to employee disenchantment and employer disinterest.

The roles that AAI advertise are different. They consult employers on their needs, their challenges, and their goals, to create a multifaceted job role that a talented graduate can prove themselves in – a specific goal or project that they can take ownership of and be accountable for.

The difference maker is that we shortlist on attitude, personality and enthusiasm, not simply matching roles to skillsets. This means there is a greater chance for a good cultural fit, with employers more likely to find a new team member than some hapless temporary staff member with the relevant degree.

AAI interns are go-getters, just looking for a foot in the door, people who prove themselves and exceed expectations.

They are entrepreneurs looking for experience and contacts. They bring fresh ideas to the table and often create their own jobs through sheer tenacity and innovation.

They are mothers returning to work who need a chance to prove that technology and skillsets change but aptitude and attitude don’t.

They are people changing careers, who excel at a short-term role through AAI, and use the experience to wow an employer in their next interview.

They are not children. They are experienced academics looking to take their knowledge to the practical arena. They are graduates, post-graduates, returners & freelancers.

The don’t need to be looked after. They come equipped with an enthusiastic attitude, fully prepped on their employer’s values and history, and ready to make a difference.

How do I know all this? I was an AAI intern myself.

I went from being a 30-year-old student, to a graduate worrying about how to break into my new career, to intern with SBN, to Marketing Lead with AAI, all in the space of 6 months.

For graduates, AAI offers opportunity.

No more.

No less.

 It’s up to them to take the ball and run with it. Our reputation depends on their dedication, and they don’t let us down. Yes, we pride ourselves on our shortlisting, but the AAI alumni are the ones that make us great.

To find out how a new team member through AAI can empower your business contact

By Nick Murray

Marketing & Communications Lead


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