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Why 2020 was an opportunity to embrace the big, scary conversations around diversity and inclusion in your business

Conversations, fuelled by the #BlackLivesMatter movement in 2020 opened up the opportunity for addressing wider issues around racism, equality, diversity, mental health and inclusion. 

These discussions are now vital to businesses, of all sizes, not only to empower internal and external responses to their own positions on such topics, but to improve business innovation, attract the greatest talent, and to more accurately reflect their diverse customer base.
But knowing what actions to take can be a challenge.

At the close of 2019, we ran #DiversityWorks sessions where employers and diverse professionals came together to discuss challenges, barriers and goals for a more inclusive workforce. The video below features just a snapshot of the insight and enthusiasm created at the workshops.

These facilitated sessions prompted frank and open conversations based on people’s real experiences and perceptions, leading to incremental, but impactful adjustments in recruitment, onboarding and retention processes for more inclusive and productive workplaces. 

The employers who took part have disclosed to us that when the protests erupted in June, they were better equipped to address the urgent need to communicate their stance on #BlackLivesMatter, and their actions, to both their staff and customer audience. 

With the learnings of 2020 still fresh in all our minds, there’s never been a better time to act on these conversations with genuine insight and practical, achievable solutions to ensure you’re not missing out on excellent talent, as well as developing a team and culture that is truly representative of your customer base. 

In terms of bottom-line, businesses in the top quarter of companies with the highest racial diversity are 35% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors. Businesses in the same bracket with high gender diversity were 15% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors. The fact is, #DiversityWorks both morally and economically.

We’ve now taken the #DiversityWorks workshops online and have had some incredible success stories of businesses making small changes to spark big improvements in their workplace culture, employment processes and business brand perception.

If you want to know how these sessions can empower your business talk to the team today.

You can read more and register interest here:

#DiversityWorks. Let’s make it work for you.

Written by Joy Lewis. 5 Jan 2020


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