Disability & Neurodiversity in the workforce. Your questions answered.

The second in a series of interactive webinar events focused on diversity and inclusion in recruitment & employment from AAI EmployAbility.

AAI EmployAbility is pleased to invite you to the second in a series of webinar sessions to discuss the challenges and benefits of inclusive recruitment and address current concerns.

The current global conversations around Civil Rights have opened up the opportunity for addressing wider issues of racism, equality, diversity and inclusion. These topics have become focal points within the workplace.

But knowing what actions to take can be the challenge.


This session will follow a ‘Question Time’ theme with topics submitted by you before and during the webinar in regard to employer concerns around hiring people with disabilities and neurodiverse conditions.

We will be joined by AAI’s Neurodiversity Consultant, Ross Pollard, and guest employers, to demystify inclusive recruitment processes and available government support initiatives.


Your questions answered:

We understand that discussions around disability, diversity and inclusion can sometimes be sensitive, but we believe that having these conversations out in the open helps ‘embrace the awkward’ and look towards positive solutions to concerns.

Questions can be submitted via Sli.do now in the link below. You can leave your name beside your questions or remain anonymous.



Potential topics of discussion:

  • Creating an inclusive culture through recruitment
  • Government grants and support for hiring disabled candidates
  • The benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Neurodiversity demystified


Who should attend?

  • Business Leaders
  • Department Heads
  • HR Professionals


Tickets: Ticket sales will close at 12.00 AM on the day of the event. A Zoom event link will be sent with your ticket confirmation.

Get your FREE ticket HERE


If you have issues accessing Zoom, or have any other questions about this work ahead of the event please contact team@aai-employability.org.uk

AAI is a proud member of the Scotland Can Do Collective.

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