ROSS POLLARD, Employability and Inclusion Consultant (Disability and Neurodiversity)

Ross joined the team in April 2018 as a Disability Employment Researcher looking at the issues facing disabled graduates breaking into the job market. He now run's AAI's Disabling Barriers project and workshops.

Ross has a BA (Hons) in Social Studies 2:1 and an MA in Social Studies. He is an inclusion specialist with a background researching disability, neurodiversity and mental health. He is passionate about getting more disabled and neurodiverse people into work by breaking down barriers in society, as he is neurodiverse himself having ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Ross, carried out a year-long study with employers and disabled graduates, looking at the barriers in recruitment. These findings are used in the diversity and inclusion training Ross delivers to businesses. Ross was also trained as a public diplomat in Poland and believes in the importance of facilitating good dialogue between policymakers, businesses and disabled people.

As such, he sits on the Scottish Government’s policy steering group for increasing disability employment. Ross is also on the Scottish Funding Council’s group for improving disabled student outcomes. Most recently he completed a certificate in counselling and in his spare time is retraining as a behavioural psychotherapist to better support the mental health of disabled people.

His responsibilities include:

Leading the Disability Project project, aimed at understanding the hidden barriers neurodiverse and disabled graduates face in accessing employment opportunities
Conducting qualitative interviews with employers and disabled graduates
Writing and publishing a research report of the key findings
Preparing the groundwork for creating an online educational resource to support the recruitment of disabled job candidates

Ross is a consultant, passionate about advocating workforce equality, diversity and inclusion of neurodiverse and disabled employees, while also promoting the benefits of neurodivergent thinking.


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