Scottish EDGE Awards Round 8

Adopt an Intern is a proud supporter of the Scottish EDGE fund, actively providing support packages to all the winners.

More than 239 applications were sent to Scottish EDGE and ten assessment days, two semi-finals and 75 judges later we found ourselves in the RBS Conference Centre on July the 20th, to watch the contestants doing their best to win £100,000 each in funding and support at the Scottish EDGE final.

The Scottish Edge Round 8 finalists are amongst the brightest business people in Scotland today and delivered superb and entertaining presentations. The day started with the cutting-edge concepts and ideas presented during the 3 minute pitch and the 7 minute Q&A in front of a panel of expert judges led by Lord Smith of Kelvin and peaked with the exciting Awards Ceremony that followed.

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The contestants, as one might expect, belonged to a wide array of business sectors. The variety and diversity of projects was remarkable; from a glance into the future of robotics with Robotical and Alexander Enoch’s impressive robot and Andrew Slorance’s ‘Phoenix Instinct’, the first wheelchair-friendly luggage system, to Nicola Dames’ Vanilla Blush, a specialist in underwear and swimwear inclusive of people with Ostomy and Tanya Ewing with Glaze & Save's innovative glazing system.

Fred MacAulay was our host for the evening, and his witty and hilarious introductions and comments created a great atmosphere in an auditorium already packed with a lively and engaged audience.


The great winners of the night who took home £1.27 million in grants and loans (as announced on the Scottish EDGE website) are:

✦ Blind Spot Gear – Developed ‘Scorpion Light’ and ‘Tile Light’ for film making industry – Glasgow – £45k

✦ BLUSHO – A social-shopping platform for beauty, driven by user generated content – Glasgow – £35k

✦ Cutitronics – Developed game-changing skincare technology that measures skin health – Glasgow –£55k

✦ Deepwater Oil Tools – Developed SeaCure Cementing, an innovative technique for casing cementation in Oil & Gas sector – Aberdeen – £40k

✦ Dry Ice Scotland – Company whose dry ice process removes contaminants using frozen carbon dioxide – Perthshire – £100k

✦ eoSurgical – Created simulators to train surgeons to help make surgical procedures safer – Edinburgh – £100k

✦ EuroBiotix CIC – Community interest company that aims to expand access to Faecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) – Aberdeen – £40k

✦ Freedom Brands – A producer of coconut-based innovative healthy food and drinks – Glasgow – £30k

✦ Glaze & Save – Award winning product which turns single glaze windows into double glazing – Perth – £25k

✦ OTAQ – Developed an innovative seal deterrent system for fish farms – Oban – £100k

✦ Particle Analytics – Develop solutions for analysis of numerical simulations of particles and bulk solids – Edinburgh – £40k

✦ Phoenix Instinct – Develop life enhancing travel products for the active wheelchair user – Nairn – £50k

✦ Robotical – Created ‘Marty’ – a robot to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists – Edinburgh – £60k

✦ Uuni – Innovative and portable outdoor wood-fired oven for cooking pizza – West Lothian – £50k

✦ Vanilla Blush – Developed an underwear range for people with Stomas – Glasgow – £50k

The Scottish Edge team, with the help of their funding organisations, the Hunter Foundation, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Scottish Government and private sector donors provide an exceptional service to the individuals and the Scottish economy and that alone is an adequate reason to celebrate.

Sources: Scottish EDGE


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