September: A New Season

It's all new here at Adopt an Intern with our brand new website and lots of new internship opportunities cropping up. But September always feels like a bit of a new season anyway...

What little sunshine and good weather we get over summer in the UK seems to be drawing to an all too sudden end, people are returning to work after holiday breaks, shops are all setting up a new look and students at schools and universities across the country start back a new term. It’s the start of something new.

For many graduates out there you’re facing the first September where you’re not out buying new books and stationary or wandering helplessly across campus trying to locate your new tutorial room or standing in a three-hour queue just to renew your student card. Instead you’re sitting at home facing the stark reality that the time to enter the ‘big bad world’ has come.

You look at all your friends from university, some have secured graduate scheme placements with big name businesses in London, others have returned to university to do a masters degree, some have even started their own business, while you’re still desperately searching for that dream job. You worked hard at university, passed your exams, were part of the swim team and chaired the politics committee so where is that phone call offering you the job you not only dreamed of, but feel entitled to?

HOLD UP… It’s not all doom and gloom! Although your dream job might not be falling into your lap as you had hoped, there’s a lot that you can do to make the first steps to finding it. 

Firstly, know you’re not alone. Although it might seem that all of your friends from university are living it up with their perfect job, there are plenty of graduates just like you who, although hugely talented, are struggling to secure a graduate job. So don’t take those rejection letters (or lack thereof) too personally, just pick yourself up, ask for feedback and try again.

Look at alternatives. Have you thought about doing some freelance work? Whether it’s copywriting, social media managing, tutoring, graphic design or baking, setting yourself up as self-employed (even part-time alongside a more stable source of income) you’ll not only be clocking up hours of experience but you’re showing top-skills like time management, initiative, networking and confidence.

Don’t be put off by part-time work. Like freelancing, part-time internships and jobs can be just as beneficial as full-time roles. They allow you to gain more experience in your desired line of work while also keeping a foot in the door at another job which you can return to if you don’t immediately get a graduate job by the end of your internship.

Keep your options open. Don’t only apply for jobs that tick all of your boxes as this can limit your chances. Once you become part of a company there’s often a lot of scope to enhance and adapt your role to suit your strengths and desires so what may not have looked perfect in the job description might just end up to be that dream job or at least a big step in the right direction of it.

And finally, don’t worry. They say 40% of things you worry about never happen, 30% of things we worry about have already happened, 12% are needless worries about health and 10% are petty, miscellaneous worries. That only leaves 8% of everything we worry about actually worth worrying about. If you’re patient, and action the advice above your September could be the start of a whole new season too!

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.Elbert Hubbard


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