Success Stories

Success Stories

Abbey Pennington – Research Assistant Intern, Omega Product Development

Research Assistant Intern, Omega Product Development

I greatly appreciated being offered this position, as it has furnished me with experience I was in dire need of, particularly in the areas of project management and budget control. It has also allowed me to further develop my ecological surveying and report writing skills. I have been able to travel to various location in the Highlands and have thoroughly enjoyed the scenery. I have been given a great deal of responsibility and have been left to make a number of important decisions. I don’t feel as if I am a liability to the company, where jobs have to be created for me to do; I am here to conduct a feasibility project and my knowledge and skills are valued.

Previous to being offered this position, I had been receiving the same feedback from interviews: ‘Great academic background but lacks work experience’, I was becoming increasingly frustrated, as I had tried very hard all throughout my education and had achieved top grades to find that I couldn’t get a job at the end of it. I was also wondering how I was meant to gain the valued experience, when no companies were prepared to offer it. I was willing to volunteer to gain experience, however, I realised I was unable to live long- term without earning. Further, it felt a little demoralising watching many of my fellow graduates earning and renting their own place, whilst I was stuck in the house spending all day applying for jobs.

I believe Adopt an Intern are providing a vital service; encouraging companies to provide paid internships. A few companies offer unpaid internships, however, these are unfeasible, particularly ones in central London; I don’t see how companies can expect people to live- off nothing. I hope this opportunity has made me more appealing to future employers and has ensured that my degree has not gone to waste.

Abbey Pennington
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Research Assistant Intern, Omega Product Development


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