Success Stories

Success Stories

Adam Crawford – Assistant Marketing Consultant at FUTRSMPL

University:  University of Glasgow, Queen Margaret University
Qualification: International Strategic Marketing MSC, PR, Marketing & Events Management 

Before gaining this opportunity, what was your experience of job-hunting?

It was difficult. In my experience, there are so many long, convoluted processes as a graduate that don’t necessarily concentrate on what you need to succeed in the role. Alternatively, applying with AAI was a breath of fresh air as they look at you as an individual without the need for arbitrary testing etc.

What were your roles and responsibilities in this position?

I learnt loads from Lucinda and Futrsmpl! Most importantly, as a guru in marketing and strategy Lucinda helped me see how strategy and marketing consultancy actually works in practice and highlighted how particular learnings from university could be put to work in real scenarios. Just some of the things that I helped work on were: strategy for clients as well as social media planning, content creation and website development.

The two areas that I feel were best developed in the role, though, were adaptability and creativity. In regards to adaptability, I learnt the importance of adapting to changes in situations and technologies and to be fully accepting and flexible in change, something that I now believe to be invaluable. Secondly, I helped launch #FutrsmplFridayLive, filming with some brilliant people such as Gordon Merrylees – the Head of Entrepreneurship at RBS – and AAI’s very own Nick Murray.

We engaged in conversations around marketing, strategy and mental health, posting them on social media afterwards. The experience of creating these videos and helping produce copy to supplement them definitely stimulated my creative side and gave me skills I can take onto future roles.

What are doing you now?

I have recently accepted an offer to become a Digital Marketing Executive for The Union, a marketing and advertising agency based in Edinburgh. Exciting times ahead! Thank you for everything.

How did the position impact your life, professionally and personally?

I’ll start from the beginning! First and foremost the application process for AAI was straightforward and concentrated on your current skills as supposed to anything else, which made applying refreshing and positive. The position itself was excellent in providing me with hands-on experience which I can take to future roles. It seems to me that AAI roles give you the opportunity to have real accountability and responsibility within your role, which is massively beneficial going forward and provides a steep learning curve.

What would you say to other graduates who are considering an opportunity through AAI?

I would say do it! Companies are concentrating more and more on the experience of candidates and AAI gives you the opportunity to do exactly this.

Thanks Adam!


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