Success Stories

Success Stories

Anastasia, Kristina & Corinne at EDEM – The Marketing Team at EDEM Simulation.

EDEM is the market leader in engineering simulation software for the design and optimisation of bulk material handling and processing equipment. Their EDEM® software is used by leading companies in the mining, heavy equipment and process industries as well as for research at over 200 academic institutions worldwide.IMG_60492.jpg

EDEM has built their marketing team in Edinburgh with the help of AAI – Adopt an Intern. The company’s first intern, Corinne, has now returned to AAI as an employer, which goes to show how fast she has grown in the company.

We caught up with Anastasia, Kristina & Corinne at the opening of their new offices to hear their graduate stories.

Corinne Bossy

I hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Management and a Master of Science in International Tourism Management, both from Edinburgh Napier University.

Role and Responsibilities:
It was a brand new field for me and I initially started with the role of ‘Academic Sales & Marketing Support’. I soon discovered a real passion for Marketing and got to progress internally over the years in the Marketing department and ended up leading it.

What has it been like returning to AAI as an employer?
Whenever we have a need for an extra pair of hands to work on a specific project, I go straight to Adopt an intern to find suitable candidates. When we were looking to expand the Marketing team we got an intern on board first for 6 months (Kristina) and we were so pleased that we kept her on and converted her position into a permanent one. We followed a similar process a year later and that’s how we got Anastasia in the team too.

Adopt an Intern makes the whole process of recruiting very easy and straightforward and we are always provided with very strong candidates.

To me the benefits of using graduate internships is that you get someone with a fresh perspective, a lot of enthusiasm, hard-working and keen to learn and improve their skills. This attitude is extremely positive and resulted in fantastic results for us.

Anastasia Skantzou


I achieved a Bachelor in Business Administration in Greece and completed my Masters in Arts, Festival and Cultural Management here in Scotland. I had some digital marketing and advertising experience already, as well as some volunteering and intern roles with art organisations in Edinburgh.

Your job hunting experience:
Job hunting is always stressful, but in Edinburgh, there are plenty of opportunities. The competition in the UK job market is high, but if you are committed to finding your next role, something good will come your way.

Role and Responsibilities:
I helped to manage the online marketing activities of EDEM. This included designing creative campaign materials, as well as the branded website content, newsletters and managing webinars.

How has this position affected your career?
This position taught me how to use a range of online tools and has really provided me with all the necessary skills to advance my career in the marketing sector.

On top of that, I was able to improve my communication skills and to introduce skills and knowledge gained from my degrees and previous work experience.

Kristina Mirbakaite

Originally from Lithuania, I came to Scotland to study at Heriot-Watt University where I attained MA Business Management degree.


Your job hunting experience:
Following my graduation back in 2015, I decided to steer my career path towards marketing. Although I had worked in multiple administrative roles throughout my studies, I soon realised that work experience in the field would be crucial to get a permanent job in marketing. At my university’s careers service, I discovered AAI, and applied for the role with EDEM. My application was successful, and just a couple of weeks later I embarked on a journey as a Marketing Intern.

Role and Responsibilities:
After the successful completion of my internship, I was offered a permanent role in the company. As Marketing Coordinator, I contributed to the implementation of marketing initiatives of the company.

How has this position affected your career?
The internship was a critical stepping stone in becoming a marketing professional. It equipped me with a range of skills and experience, that have been invaluable in furthering my career.


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