Success Stories

Success Stories

Anca Johnstone – Consulting Intern, MainStreet Consulting

The great thing about consulting is that you need to become an expert every day. I’ve just passed my one month mark at MainStreet Consulting, but it’s felt like three already; in a good way! Every month in consulting is like several months in a regular business – there are multiple clients, multiple projects with their own specific issues and different circumstances. This allows for a lot of growth and excitement.

When I joined MainStreet I wasn’t sure what to expect. Being an ‘intern’ often dredges up thoughts of plebeian minions, scurryingaround getting tea/coffee and doing other menial tasks. The reality I’ve encountered at MainStreet, however, is very different. The team have been incredibly welcoming and placed a lot of faith in me from the start; I have been given significant responsibility and autonomy to perform my own tasks. It is a great working environment, ideas are bounced off from every direction and debated, and it’s a progressive place where everyone’s opinions are valued.

The work is varied. We focus on the public and civic sectors and voluntary organisations. To date, I have assisted on projects with North Ayrshire Council, Renfrewshire Council and Maryhill Housing Association. I am also involved in helping further develop MainStreet’s company Policies & Procedures and managing the social media aspect of the business. One of my highlights so far has been attending a stakeholder meeting with local GPs in North Ayrshire. This particular project was concerned with reassessing care packages for the elderly; something that will have a lasting, positive impact on people’s lives.

Throughout my internship I’ve learned so much on the job and I have been given every opportunity to train up and develop my skills; particularly project management, report writing, and Excel.

I am very grateful for this position and the role Adopt an Intern has played. This internship has given me experience, career direction and motivation, as well as skills which will be forever useful.

Anca Johnstone
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Consultant Intern, MainStreet Consulting


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