Success Stories

Success Stories

Ellen Macdonald – Marketing Executive Intern, Mrs Tilly’s

Junior Designer and Administrator, Lisa Donati

University – Edinburgh Napier University

Qualification – BDes(hons) Graphic Design

Job hunting experience – I was fortunate enough to get my first Adopt an Intern design internship within a month of graduating at Mrs Tilly’s confectionery, where I went on to work for another year. Then the design internship with Lisa Donati came up and I was delighted to be offered it. So in that aspect, I’ve been very lucky in my job hunting experience.

Roles and responsibilities – It’s a juggle of various roles and responsibilities at Lisa Donati. Primarily I’m a designer which involves expanding current collections and creating new ones, we also offer a personalised service, involving the design of bespoke products. Within a couple of weeks working for Lisa, I’d designed a small neon signage collection, and then we had the real deal made – “Gallus” now lights up the studio. 

Secondly, I’m involved in the production side- printing mugs and packing orders, maintaining the upkeep of our Etsy shop and visiting existing and potential stockists.

Where are you now? – After my 3 month internship, Lisa offered me a permanent position, and I’ve just recently gone to full time. I’m super excited, working for Lisa has endless creative possibilities, and it’s where I believe my skills as a designer will evolve. Through Lisa, I’m on a web development diploma course with YouTrain and I’m looking forward to bringing my new skills back into the business.

Its been a blast getting to work alongside Lisa, she’s so vibrant and inspiring, and definitely the most Glaswegian gal I know. She puts in tremendous amounts of work, and I’m chuffed to be a part of team Donati. Another benefit working with Lisa, I now know Soft Cell’s Tainted Love (the extended version) off by heart!

And it’s been great working with the Adopt an Intern team, who have been a constant source of support and have given me great opportunities to which I am very thankful for.

Ellen Macdonald

Adopt an Intern Alumni

Marketing Executive Intern with Mrs Tilly’s & Junior Designer and Administrator at Lisa Donati