Success Stories

Success Stories

Emma Gilliland – Curatorial Research Intern, Timespan

My name is Emma and I am the Curatorial Intern at Timespan. I studied history at university and want to work in the heritage sector. I have previously had work experience at Culzean Castle, Dumfries House, Ayrshire Archives, Robert Burns Birthplace Museum and Rozelle House Galleries, but my internship at Timespan is the first graduate level job I have had. I am helping to put together a new exhibition on the Kildonan Clearances and I am responsible for the reinterpretation of the museum information panels.

Being an intern at Timespan has meant so much to me. It has given me the confidence to realise that people do want to hire me and that I can work hard and do a good job. It has allowed me to gain skills in the sector that I hope to find a full time job in. I have learned how to research a topic which I know little about and how to translate that into words and images which are accessible for everyone. I have gained computing skills such as using Adobe Photoshop. I have liaised with different groups of people such as the panel designers and the Heritage Committee, learning how to communicate effectively with them. Just as importantly, on a personal level, it has allowed me to know that I can live hundreds of miles away from home, on my own, and talk to new people and make new friends.

I cannot thank Adopt an Intern and Timespan Museum enough for all that they have done for me. This opportunity has meant a lot to me, but I am also hoping that it has meant something to others working at Timespan Museum and has made them realise that internships are a great opportunity for people looking for experience and employment.

Emma’s hints and tips for graduates looking for employment:

Finding a job after university is not that easy but here are a few tips that might help recent graduates. My biggest tip for job interviews is to relax and be yourself; that way you will give people the best impression you can give them. It is also really important to prepare and read up on the company you are interviewing for, because you will look really silly if you turn up not knowing anything about them! Always dress smart, but simple and classy. But especially make sure you are comfortable, because you will just look awkward and stressed if you are tugging down your skirt constantly. If you dress to show your personality you will also be happier, and again, the ‘real you’ will come across which is very attractive to people. Think before you speak in case you say something silly, but don’t censor yourself so much that your personality can’t shine through.

Emma’s internship is part of Adopt an Intern’s Highlands and Islands project.  This project is joint funded by the European Social Fund and the Scottish Government. 


Emma Gilliland
Adopt an Intern Alumni
Curatorial Research Intern, Timespan


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