Success Stories

Success Stories

Jennifer Kowalski – Environmental Analyst Intern, Zero Waste Scotland.

University:  The University of Aberdeen
Qualification: BSc Biological Sciences, Biology, General.

Before gaining this opportunity, what was your experience of job-hunting?

Difficult – most entry-level and graduate jobs either required experience (that I didn’t have), or qualifications I didn’t have, or were not particularly relevant to my chosen career path. My AAI internship was the first chance I had to gain work that I was fully qualified for, and it interested me.

What were your roles and responsibilities in this position?      

I updated Scotland’s 2016 Carbon Metric; engaged with stakeholders and various colleagues in order to collaborate on different projects; I collected data on and reported on the carbon footprint of my organisation (Zero Waste Scotland); I provided data analysis for multiple projects, mainly calculating the carbon benefits of certain initiatives; I provided resource efficiency and waste management guidance to multiple groups.

What are doing you now?

Environmental Scientist at Albion Environmental Ltd since march 2019

How did the position impact your life, professionally and personally?

Whilst I did struggle with certain adjustments during my AAI, did generally enjoy the work I did as part of my AAI role, and was given a great deal of help and support from my line manager. My opportunity gave me many practical skills I would not have gained whilst at university. It also allowed me to adjust to working in a professional environment, without having to work in a stressful or overly corporate environment. I also managed to meet people who fundamentally helped me in finding new work after my internship ended.

What would you say to other graduates who are considering an opportunity through AAI?

The opportunities offered by AAI are a great way to launch a career. Going straight into working after completing a degree can be a challenging adjustment, but the skills, network, and confidence gained from AAI opportunities are well worth it.

Thanks, Jennifer!


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