Success Stories

Success Stories

Kirsty Simpson – Website Designer and Developer at Crunchy Carrots

Before gaining this opportunity, what was your experience of job-hunting?

Prior to gaining a part-time work opportunity with Crunchy Carrots via AAI, the job-hunt was challenging.  My dilemma was that I was looking to gain work experience, but the roles I came across often required a degree of experience to apply.


The beauty of my part-time AAI opportunity, was that I could be ‘tried and tested’ by Crunchy Carrots before being considered for a full-time role. It gave me an opportunity to put my ‘foot in the door’ and a chance to really prove myself.

What are doing you now?

I started off with Crunchy Carrots as a part-time Junior UX/UI Designer.  Since then, I have been taken on as a full-time UX/UI Designer. 

There are many aspects to my role.  I meet with clients, establish their needs and generate website proposals.  I am then involved in the design and development of websites; from initial ideation and wireframe generation to launching the finished website article.  Additionally, my role involves carrying out the more technical work involved in managing emails and web domains.

What would you say to other women in STEM who are considering an opportunity through AAI?

Go for it! With AAI, there are many opportunities for you to get your foot in the door and for you to further yourself.

You will never know what you are capable of unless you take chance.


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