Success Stories

Success Stories

Mena Karmani – Trainee Change Agent at Vision Consulting

University: University of Dundee

Qualification: Environmental Science and Ecology

Before gaining this opportunity, what was your experience of job-hunting? 

Horrendous and frustrating. This role was the first of it’s kind that was actually within my reach of getting – paid, based in my city, at my level, and useful for the right direction for my career. Can’t believe I finally got one! 

What were your roles and responsibilities in this position?

I have been able to support senior consultants deliver on big transformation work within a corporate setting, and learn how they can masterfullly work with people to change an organisation to become more collaborative and effective. I gained experience in managing expenses for the overall project as well as producing deliverables for the client. I’ve also been able to use my excellent ability to write and good eye for visuals to make beautiful presentations, important documents and key diagrams for the company! 

What are doing you now? 

I have a permanent role with Vision Consulting.

How did the position impact your life, professionally and personally?

It has given me experience in a type of environment that I haven’t worked in before. That was very scary for the first few months but I’ve been able to grow and adapt into the role over time. It has given me a new legitimate role on my CV (the longest-serving one too). I have also learned a lot on the job in line with my interests as part of a wonderful team that values my growth, learning and development as well as their own. l even have a solid development plan!

What would you say to other graduates who are considering an opportunity through AAI?

Definitely give it a shot – you never know how useful an opportunity could be for you unless you try. The employers will treat you well by virtue of the fact that they are signed up to the ethos of AAI internships!

Thanks Mena!


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