Success Stories

Success Stories

Returner Profile – Isobel M

At AAI, we recently reached out to our intern alumni to find anyone who had used one of our placements to get back to work or start a new professional journey, after a career break, and who could be considered a ‘Returner’.

Here’s Isobel’s story.

Background – My AAI internship was my return to work after being made redundant, going travelling and suffering depression when I came home.
Your Returnship – The self-employed nature of my internship was the ideal format to get back into work and allowed me to return to work in a way that was manageable and flexible to my needs at the time. It also meant I was working when applying for other jobs.

I ended up finishing my internship slightly early (happily, I’d finished the primary thing my employer wanted, a leaflet to advertise her gallery and setting up a social media presence) because I’d gotten a great, full-time role with a charity.

How did Adopt an Intern help you? – I’m not sure I’d have gotten the job without being in the internship. It also gave me the confidence that I would be able to handle a full-time job.

The term ‘Returnship’ is trademarked by Goldman Sachs.