Tech talent and diversity - the elephant in the room

At AAI we know that a ‘diverse’ team is a  ‘better’ team. ‘Better’ in the ideas brought to the table, the potential for collaborative success that is more fun, more rewarding and creates better outputs and offerings together.

In terms of bottom-line, businesses in the top quarter of companies with the highest racial diversity are 35% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors. Businesses in the same bracket with high gender diversity were 15% more likely to experience higher profit than their competitors.

Employers across the UK find themselves in an increasingly challenging landscape in relation to sourcing talented employees. Just two examples are the growing digital skills shortage and the impact of our uncertain relationship with the EU being a reduction in Europeans remaining here to work following graduation.

Within the technology sector, an undeniably growing driver of economic growth and home to many of our higher-paying jobs, the impact of greater diversity in this arena would be considerable. Despite continued efforts to promote gender diversity within the tech sector, women still make up just 16.2% of the UK tech workforce.

AAI is known for championing the benefits of employment diversity and ‘equality of opportunity’ in Scotland and that message has reached the right people. In the past year, nearly half (44%) of our applications to STEM roles with AAI were from women; equating to 65% of the successfully placed candidates.

Last week we closed a Junior .Net Web Developer role after a 2-week promotion with 82 applications from people of all ages, genders, ethnicity and backgrounds. 



1. Promotion:

We always say, you never know where your perfect team member is hiding. Candidate touchpoints are everywhere so promote your role far and wide (as in, not just to your Linkedin network). 12.5% of AAI’s applications now come from Instagram.

2. Communication:

How you communicate your opportunity is also important.

What language are you using? 

What is your company website saying behind your back?

3. The Offer:

What can you offer candidates as well as money?

Do they know who they’ll be working with or will be interviewing with?


All of these seem like common sense but we see so many employers missing them out!

Yes, tech talent is in demand, but they are out there - getting an attractive offer out to the right audience is the challenge.

Ready to #EmployAbility?

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