The Academy of Make-Up

PR and Marketing Intern

April 2014

Adopt an Intern has been extremely helpful and beneficial to us. We think what you do is great, and such a good opportunity for graduates.

It has been straightforward and easy to work with you and we would definitely recommend you to other businesses!

We offer our graduates an aftercare programme providing them with work experience in the industry, and with Stacey [our intern] being with us, she has secured amazing experience’s for our students and also put great marketing strategies into place for us. She has also started a pop up school project for us and we are looking to open up a pop up Academy of Makeup down in London.

We have now taken Stacey on part time with us and she has been a great addition to our business.

Thank you for all your help!

Sara Hill
Adopt an Intern Employer
Director, The Academy of Make-Up