Tips for Jobseekers

Tips for Jobseekers

Employability Check-In Webinar: Creativity as my Superpower with Laura Griffin

In this session, recorded live on 20 April 2021, Nick was joined by Creative Strategist, Laura Griffin of Griffin & Co. who discussed her career journey from graduate intern to successful entrepreneur.

Laura shared what she’s learnt about starting a business during the pandemic, how she found opportunities and knowing when to take a chance to help build your confidence and resilience in work.

What we cover:

  • Graduate experiences in startups & creative agencies
  • Building confidence in your skills
  • Comfort Zones and how to stretch them
  • Imposter Syndrome in work
  • Mindset, Mental Health & the dangers of Burnout
  • Quitting a job and starting a business in the pandemic
  • The reality of Freelance life
  • Finding your work values for a more balanced life