Tips for Jobseekers

Tips for Jobseekers

So, you’ve been invited for an interview at a short notice?

Congratulations, you’ve been called for an interview – tomorrow! Make sure to go through this checklist first. Good preparation increases your chances and reduces your anxiety. 

1. Always have a printed version of your CV

It is important to take a hard copy of your CV with you to the interview. If you happen to be asked for it and don’t have one, you may look unprepared and unprofessional.  Having your CV saved in your email is also convenient, as it will be more easily accessible for printing, even at very short notice. 

2. Have an appropriate outfit ready 

When you are searching for a new job it helps to always have at least one professional looking outfit clean and ready to go in case you are called for an interview the next day. Searching for a one-hour dry cleaner available in your area, in case something goes wrong, is also handy.   

3. Keep track of the jobs you have applied for 

It is difficult to remember every job you have applied for especially if you are actively looking; after all, looking for a job is a full-time job itself, so organising the applications you have submitted is helpful. Keep a list with all the companies, job titles and the names of their recruiters and save yourself from that awkward situation in which you have no idea who you are talking to. 

4. Research is important – don’t skip it 

Researching about the company, their goals, ethics, practices and re-readingthe details of the role is absolutely essential. Knowing about the company is an indicator that you have a professional manner and shows that you made an effort to demonstrate real interest in the position. Even if you don’t have plenty of time make some notes covering the most important points and remember to take a look just before the interview. 

5. Have some notes with common interview questions

 Even before you are invited for your first interview dedicate some time on researching the most likely questions that could be asked in your field. Take some time to think about the answers and have some notes prepared. The interviewers will be expecting you to give examples of relevant experience, with details of what went well, the outcomes, and what you learned from these to apply to future circumstances. Remember to keep them up to date and to revise them as you go along during the process of searching for a job and being interviewed. 

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