Tips for Jobseekers

Tips for Jobseekers

Why are companies losing their employees

Here are some common problems that employees have identified as among the main reasons for searching for a new job.

1. Bad relationship with the manager

Employees don’t have to be friends with their manager; it is vital, however, to maintain a good working relationship, especially in difficult situations. The manager is the person that an employee should be able to turn to when they have a problem as they provide direction and feedback. Good managers are also there to provide encouragement and appreciation for the employee’s work and they are, in essence, the people that connect the employee to the organisation.If the manager fails to maintain a good working relationship with the employee, this can result in misunderstandings, low performance and lack of motivation and engagement on the employee’s side.

2. Bad relationships with colleagues

Maintaining good relationships between colleagues is equally important. Good relationships apart from aiding efficient teamwork, create a friendly atmosphere which is essential in a work environment. Good relationships cultivate support, provide inspiration and make employers happy.

3. Unchallenging work and lack of opportunity

People spend one third of their time in work and they should be able to enjoy it. The levels of engagement and productivity of an employee are directly related to their perspective on the tasks they have to do, especially in more creative roles.Being able to resolve more complex tasks and having some autonomy around new opportunities and the improvement of processes make a post much more rewarding It also gives meaning to projects and in turn keeps employees interested and engaged.

4. Insecurity

An unstable work environment can result in employees being insecure and may eventually push them away. Key contributing factors are long probation periods and short term contracts, financial instability and lack of trust and respect being earned by the management team.

5. Corporate culture

The corporate culture of an organisation can result in keeping or turning away employees. An ethical environment with equal chances and meritocracy, transparent procedures,  good communication and appreciation from the managers, along with a clear sense of direction are key factors that contribute to cultivating a positive corporate culture that generates good levels of staff retention.


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