Transferable Workplace Skills Training - Tier 2

Transferable Workplace Skills Training - Tier 2

The following modular, certified, and in some cases, accredited learning are available as part of AAI’s Tier 2 training. These consist of online workbooks and courses that learners will access remotely through an individual account from wherever they can get online. When they have completed the assigned course(s) a certificate acknowledging this will be issued.

Specific Training Courses:

● Active Listening

● Advanced Writing Skills

● Basic Internet Marketing

● Building a Brand on Social Media

● Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills

● Business Etiquette – Gaining That Extra Edge

● Business Writing That Works

● Sales and Customer Service Training for Telephone-based Workers

● Change Management – Change and How to Deal With It

● Communication Strategies

● Conference and Event Management

● Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public

● Creative Thinking and Innovation

● Critical Thinking

● Customer Service Training – Critical Elements of Customer Service

● Diversity Training – Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

● Effective Planning and Scheduling

● Employee Dispute Resolution – Mediation through Peer Review

● Encouraging Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Business

● Getting Stuff Done – Personal Development Boot Camp

● Goal Setting

● Introduction to E-Mail Marketing

● Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance

● Marketing with Social Media

● Project Management Fundamentals

● Project Management Training – Understanding Project Management

● Skills for the Administrative Assistant

● The Minute Taker’s Workshop

● Working Smarter – Using Technology to your Advantage

● Writing Reports and Proposals points


If you have any questions about these training courses, please direct them to

The AAI Training Team