Transferable Workplace Skills Training - Tier 3

Transferable Workplace Skills Training - Tier 3

AAI Career Coach Consultation/CV-building session

Welcome to your Career Coach Consultation and CV-building training with AAI!

Your employer has asked us to provide you with this as part of the employability training required by the UK Government under the Kickstart scheme. A good CV, used in conjunction with a well-written cover letter, can help make a great first impression on a recruiter or potential employer.

To facilitate this session, we have created two documents for your reference. Please download them from the links below. In addition to helping you with your CV, our experienced career coaches can also provide advice on cover letter writing. So feel free to create a draft cover letter to submit with your CV.   


        Download AAI CV guide                                Download AAI Cover letter guide


As noted in the email you received, you should send these documents to within five days. If you have further questions about the consultation, please direct them to .

The AAI Training Team